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I am Hannah Fitzgerald, the most energetically inclined designer you could ever hope to encounter.

Maude Vino Introduces Fin Wine

Maude Vino is a branding project I began in November 2015. The idea behind this project is to create a beautiful winery blending both form and function. 

Say hello to Fin wine, our middle-shelf wine with a silky red pour. Fin is the newest edition to Maude Vino's winery.

Maude Vino manufactures a range of wines from across the world. They target everyone from baby boomers to millennials by emulating a classic and timeless brand. 

Some of the major goals of this project include:
   -create a logo with a natural look and feel
   -indicate wine variants by creating individual labels
   -create a site that represents Maude Vino's vision for bold simplicity